Humans, aren’t we all looking for love? However we usually forget that it cannot co exist in the world of ego, which is fear and judgement. Usually the mind is filled with these kinds of thoughts preventing us from feeling true love. True love comes from truly accepting who we are and what we are made of. We are all actually made of love and there is no need to search for it elsewhere. Other people cannot give you the love you are searching for but they can reflect in an authentic way the love itself, which is your essence.

On the other hand love is not a feeling you can get from another person as well, it’s a sensation. Moreover the love that we feel does not come from the person we love but from the love we have within us for that person, that is why sometimes we are lack of feeling love. That means we are not allowing ourselves to feel the love we have for the other person out of fear or maybe we do not love them anymore.

From my point of view true love is a state of mind, body and soul where it creates passion, companionship, intimacy, affection, friendship and peace. Feeling true love only comes from accepting ourselves first and than the person we love as they are. Like there is no need to change anything in us, there is also no need to change anything in others. This requires letting go of the past resentments any negative feeling about yourself and others. I believe being in a true love relationship is the most wonderful thing that a human being can practice and experience on this earth. I have said practice because actually it never ends. As we continue to learn it grows with us.

And it’s better to spend time with a person that you truly love than with a person who loves you so much. On the other hand, if you did not go through a certain process in life on your own, you cannot respond to this love the same way.

The most fascinating feeling I get is to love one another freely and for free, meaning without any expectation that can turn any kind of love into a stage of drama.

Sometimes the only way to love a person is to love him/her without you. And do not use each other as an excuse to feel loved, give love or withhold love.



Stay Free,


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