The Harmonics of Consciousness (for 13 Dimensions)

Very accurate information THANK you


For anyone who is interested in understanding what it means when people talk about different “dimensions” and being “multi-dimensional” this is a really interesting article:


“Creation is the Highest Expression of Love”

Material transmitted from the Elohim consciousness, May 2001-January 2002.  This article can be found at under the Articles tab.

“This information is given to facilitate understanding of how energy pulses through the eight tones of the octave to manifest as seven dimensions returning to the One.”

We have focussed on the aspect of Love as the true vibration of the consciousness of the One. We seek here to demonstrate how you – as creator beings and masters of energy – have access to all the expressions of energy at any given time. It is up to you to decide at which level(s) you will choose to resonate. We urge you not…

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